"I put it all into this movie," the comedic actor tells PEOPLE

The new comedy Sextuplets dropped on Netflix when the clock struck midnight on Friday, but star Marlon Wayans had no plans to watch.

“I’m going to sleep,” he tells PEOPLE. “I like watching it with an audience. When I get back to L.A. I’ll invite my friends over [to watch Sextuplets].”

The restful evening came after a demanding filming schedule that kept Wayans — who plays a whopping six characters in the film — working 15-18 hour days for 51 days.

“It took everything that I’ve learned in the last 40 year to execute something like this,” the actor, 47, says. “Everything from performing arts high school to working on White Chicks to the prosthetic work to doing sketch and improv and standup; I put it all into this movie.”

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Wayans portrays all six siblings in Sextuplets, which follows father-to-be Alan as he searches for his long-lost brothers and sister. “I’ve always wanted to do a lot of characters,” Wayans says. “I’ve always been inspired by Richard Pryor and Charlie Chaplin, and I thought it’d be a challenge if I could be mentioned in the same breath. It’s a makeup movie, but I definitely did something completely different.”

The comedian most enjoyed playing Alan’s brother Ethan because “he requires the least amount of makeup,” Wayans says.

Coming from a big, funny family — which includes five sisters and his fellow famous bros Damon, 58, Kennan Ivory, 61, and his White Chicks costar Shawn, 48 — Wayans’s time with his brothers and sisters always includes “a bunch of laughs and jokes.”

Marlon Wayans and Damon Wayans
Marlon and Daymon Wayans celebrating Sextuplets in Hollywood on Aug. 7.
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Though he admits that as their family grows, getting together for holidays and special occasions becomes a challenge.

“It’s too many damn people now!” the Marlon star quips. “I’ve got to rent out the Staples Center if I want to get everyone together.”

Sextuplets is available now on Netflix.