Mark Wahlberg shared moments from the heartwarming encounter on Instagram Friday

Mark Wahlberg surprised a number of unsuspecting fans Friday when he joined their Hollywood tour.

Wahlberg, 47, shared the sweet moment on his Instagram page writing, “Happy Friday everyone!!!! Let’s all have a blessed weekend!”

In the first clip, the Instant Family star can be seen walking up to a group of tourists and asking where they are visiting from.

The group revealed they traveled from all over with some answering Australia, Austria and Korea. After the exchange, Wahlberg posed for photos but had to wrap things up quickly as another tour bus was approaching.

“They’re going to get me!” Wahlberg yelled as he smiled for selfies.

In the second clip, Wahlberg ran up to a different group, whose bus was stopped on the street after seeing the commotion with the first group.

After realizing who he was, the elated bunch promptly took their phones out and squealed.

To help the tourists get the best angles, Wahlberg leaped on the bus and smiled for the many cameras.

While chatting it up with the group, Wahlberg noticed one fan was sporting a Green Bay Packers jersey.

“You got to get rid of that Packers jersey, bro,” Wahlberg told the fan. He then jumped off the bus and told the group to enjoy their stay.

It’s no secret that Wahlberg, a Boston native, is a die-hard New England Patriots fan.

In November, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady opened up about who he would choose to play him in a movie and it’s none other than Wahlberg.

“A Boston legend, [from] Dorchester, you know, one of the just ‘grind it out’ kind of guys,” the NFL star, 41, explained. “He’d be my choice.”

The two have had a long friendship. Brady made a cameo in Wahlberg’s 2015 film Ted 2.

“We’ve been friends for a long time,” Wahlberg told Today at the time. “He came to visit me on the set of Ted 1.”

Mark Wahlberg

Surprisingly, Wahlberg did not go to Atlanta to witness the Patriots win the Super Bowl against the Los Angeles Rams this past weekend.

He instead chose to watch at home.

“Sorry I couldn’t be there at the game,” Wahlberg said on his Instagram Stories at the time, the Boston Herald reported.

“Sorry, LA, my hometown,” Wahlberg continued. “You’re going down. Guys, it’s going to be #6. The greatest of all time, Tom Brady. Go Pats and enjoy. God bless,” Wahlberg added.