July 30, 2018 02:07 PM

Mark Wahlberg wants to bury his past feud Leonardo DiCaprio for good.

A week after detailing the tension between two actors before they filmed 1995’s The Basketball Diaries, Wahlberg, 47, was asked by Extra if he’d consider working with the Titanic actor, 43, again.

“Yeah,” he confirmed. “We’ve talked about it.”

“It wasn’t a disagreement,” Wahlberg elaborated on what led to their beef. “It was just, like, I think we both had a specific opinion about each other, certainly. I was just, ya know, as a rapper, I was just kinda out-there and loud and crazy and all this stuff, and it was a very serious movie and this very serious part, and so the director of the film [the late Scott Kalvert], he had made all my music videos, he felt like I was more than capable to play the part.

“But no one had seen me act in a film, so I had to really kinda just go out there and prove myself. Once I finally got to the point where I was able to audition and read with him, then we just both kinda looked at each other, we were like, ‘Wow!’ We were literally out that night and we became fast friends.”

Wahlberg addressed their rocky past last week at the LEAP Foundation conference at UCLA, according toThe Hollywood Reporter.

“He didn’t want me for the part, and I didn’t think he was right for the part,” Wahlberg said. “We both had to really learn how to respect each other, and we earned it.”

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Wahlberg had opened up to The Hollywood Reporter about the feud in the past. In 2013, he told the outlet that DiCaprio was opposed to the idea of Wahlberg appearing in The Basketball Diaries.

Mark Wahlberg and Leonardo DiCaprio in 1995
Ron Galella/Getty

“Leonardo was like, ‘Over my dead f—— body. Marky Mark’s not going to be in this f—— movie,’” Wahlberg recalled. “Because we’d had a thing — I didn’t even realize it, [but] I was a bit of a d— to him at a charity basketball game. So he was like, ‘This f—— a—— is not going to be in this movie.’”

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The Hollywood Reporter noted that Avy Kaufman, the casting director, convinced DiCaprio to audition alongside Wahlberg. He continued, “So I come in and I do the audition and I kind of look at him and he kind of looks at me, and then we do a scene, and they’re like, ‘Hmm, this f—— dude’s pretty good, right?’”

He concluded, “The next thing you know, boom, we’re hanging out.”

DiCaprio is filming a Quentin Tarantino movie, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, with Brad Pitt, while Wahlberg is expanding his family’s Wahlburger chain.

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