Margot Robbie Talks Kissing Jared Leto in Full Makeup in 'Suicide Squad' : 'It's So Messy'

Suicide Squad is in theaters Friday

Photo: Ilya S. Savenok/Getty

As if Jared Leto in full Joker costume wasn’t scary enough, his co-star and love interest in Suicide Squad, Margot Robbie, tells PEOPLE it only got scarier after filming their make-out scenes.

The 26-year-old actress plays Harley Quinn – a super villain and former doctor who becomes a victim to the mind games of the Joker, played by Leto, and falls madly in love with him.

Since both of the stars were covered in makeup for their roles, the kissing scenes took a little bit of extra work.

“It is so messy,” Robbie told PEOPLE at the film’s world premiere in N.Y.C. on Monday. “I’ve done kissing scenes where I have lipstick on and that’s a nightmare but to have two of you having the lipstick on, it’s terror.”

In between each take, Robbie says they had to make time for 10-minute makeup touch ups.

But Robbie says she wasn’t afraid of kissing her fellow super villain costar, despite how intimidating he looked.

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“Once you get over the initial shock of meeting Mr. J, you kind of become desensitized to it I guess so it seemed normal after awhile,” she says.

Suicide Squad is in theaters Friday.

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