Margot Robbie Slapped Leonardo DiCaprio During Passionate Audition for 'The Wolf of Wall Street'

"I'm thinking, 'You just hit Leonardo DiCaprio in the face. They're going to arrest you because that's assault,' " she recalled, mortified

Photo: Courtesy Harper's Bazaar

Who gets away with slapping Leonardo DiCaprio?

Turns out, Margot Robbie did after a passionate and way ad-libbed audition for her part as his wife, Naomi, in 2013’s The Wolf of Wall Street, Harper’s Bazaar UK reports in its April cover story.

“In my head I was like, ‘You have literally 30 seconds left in this room and if you don’t do something impressive nothing will ever come of it. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance, just take it,’ ” Robbie shared of her split-second decision to go for it, which landed her the part.

The first scene together quickly turned out of control, she added, creating the perfect tension for their reckless coupling in the film.

“And so I start screaming at him [Leo] and he’s yelling back at me. And he’s really scary. I can barely keep up. And he ends it saying, ‘You should be happy to have a husband like me. Now get over here and kiss me,'” Robbie, 24, recalled as she promoted her latest film, Focus, in which she plays the sexy foil to another onscreen con man, this time played by Will Smith.

“So I walk up really close to his face and then I’m like, ‘Maybe I should kiss him. When else am I ever going to get a chance to kiss Leo DiCaprio, ever?’ But another part of my brain clicks and I just go, ‘Whack!’ I hit him in the face. And then I scream, ‘F— you!’ And that’s not in the script at all. The room just went dead silent and I froze.”

Quickly, the Australian-born actress (and emerging fashion star) reeled from her bold choice, her mind racing with thoughts about possible repercussions.

“I’m thinking, ‘You just hit Leonardo DiCaprio in the face. They’re going to arrest you because that’s assault,’ ” Robbie recalled. ” ‘You’re definitely never going to work again, that’s for sure. They’ll probably sue you as well in case there’s a bruise on his face and he needs to film something else.’ ”

She needn’t have worried: They offered her the part.

The April issue of Harper’s Bazaar UK is out March 5.

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