In a new interview, the actress discussed the pressure on women to have children


Margot Robbie is fed up of people asking when she’s going to have a baby.

Theactress, 28, opened up in a new interview with Radio Times about the pressure on women to have children, saying that she felt sympathy for her Mary Queen of Scots character Queen Elizabeth I, who never produced an heir.

“It made me really angry,” she told the Times, according to multiple outlets. “How dare some old guy dictate what I can and can’t do when it comes to motherhood or my own body? Unfortunately, it’s a conversation we’re still having.”

“I got married, and the first question in almost every interview is, ‘Babies? When are you having one?’ I’m so angry that there’s this social contract,” the actress said. “You’re married, now have a baby. Don’t presume. I’ll do what I’m going to do.”

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Robbie married her husband, British screenwriter and producer Tom Ackerley, 29, in December 2016 during a private ceremony in Austraila’s Byron Bay. The two never announced their engagement prior to their wedding.

In the interview, the actress also added that her production company, LuckyChap Entertainment, is developing a television series about the female codebreakers in World War II.

“I’m only really finding out the most fascinating things about history now that we have a production company,” she told the outlet. “We’re finding these projects and I’m learning all these things. It’s like, ‘So why is this not in the history books?'”

Margot Robbie as Queen Elizabeth I
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“I wasn’t seeing many scripts where I wanted to play the female role,” Robbie said of starting her production company. “I always wanted to play the male role. The female roles are always a catalyst for the male story, and that’s unsatisfying. So I was like, ‘Well, we’ll start making our own films, because we can’t just sit around for ever and wait for them to come along.'”

Robbie is up for a Screen Actors Guild award for her performance in Mary Queen of Scots.