The actresses play war reporters in their new film Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

By Jessica Fecteau
March 01, 2016 06:30 PM

As a reporter, it’s not often I find myself in the hot seat.

Usually, I’m (thankfully) the one asking the hardball questions like “Tell me all about your new baby!” and “What attracted you to this role?” on the red carpet.

But recently, the tables were turned very unexpectedly and I was the one being fed the personal questions by no other than Margot Robbie and Tina Fey.

The two actresses play war reporters in Afghanistan in their new comedy Whiskey Tango Foxtrot in theaters this Friday.

So when I asked ‘What was the most surprising thing you learned about war reporters after playing these roles?’ they pulled out their own question cards and started firing back.

“I think the most surprising thing that we both realized is we both love playing reporters,” Fey says, without me knowing what’s coming next. “And we kind of can’t stop, so we’d actually like to interview you, Jessica, instead of you interviewing us, if we could.”

I instantly let out a roaring nervous laugh and nearly fell out of my seat as my face turned five shades redder.

As they continued to pull out information that I thought no one knew – leave me and Leonardo DiCaprio alone! – the only thought on my mind was: “Do Tina Fey and Margot Robbie know as much about me as I know about them?”

Oh, and, “Dear Lord, these people are insanely good looking in person.”

Turns out they got a little help from Paramount Picures and my editors (watch your backs if you know what’s good for you).

But at the end of the day, at least I wasn’t forced into getting a tattoo by Margot.