Watch This Self-Professed Beast Propose to His Girlfriend at a 'Beauty and the Beast' Screening

The man proposed to his girlfriend at Beauty and the Beast's first public screening -- and director Bill Condon was on-hand to congratulate the newly engaged couple

It’s a tale as old as time: boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl, boy proposes to girl at a Beauty and the Beast screening.

That might not exactly follow the formula of your favorite fable, but it was certainly a fairy-tale ending for this couple, who officially became betrothed at the first public screening of the live-action Disney reboot in Hollywood.

“Would you be the Beauty to this Beast,” the man asked after getting down on one knee. “Would you marry me?”

Fortunately for the self-professed Beast — who donned a jacket not unlike the one worn by the enchanted prince — the woman in yellow answered with an emphatic “Yes!”

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After the big moment, Beauty and the Beast director Bill Condon appeared onstage — and made sure their story had a happy ending.

“I just got here: Did she say ‘yes or no,’ ” he asked the crowd, and looked relieved when he was told she indeed accepted her beau’s proposal. “That’s good news.”

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No word on whether the couple have started wedding planning, but we can only imagine the audience at the screening is hoping the pair ask them to “Be Our Guest.”

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