Adam Rodriguez Says 'Magic Mike's Last Dance' Will Feature 'New Faces to Fall in Love with'

The third film in the Channing Tatum-led franchise will introduce "a new crop of guys," says Magic Mike alum Adam Rodriguez

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Magic Mike is adding some fresh faces to his dance troupe.

Following star Channing Tatum's announcement about the new film, Magic Mike's Last Dance, which will also feature Westworld actress Thandiwe Newton and premiere on HBO Max, PEOPLE spoke with a few Magic Mike alums, who promise the third film will be "great" and will introduce new stars.

"It's going to be a new crop of guys and so you're going to be introduced to some new faces and fall in love with some new people," says Magic Mike actor and Finding Magic Mike mentor Adam Rodriguez. "They're going to put out a great movie, I know that for sure. And outside of that, I don't know much more. [There is] an outside chance you might see some of the old guys briefly, but I wouldn't count on it. I know that they're not going to disappoint."

Choreographers Alison Faulk and Luke Broadlick, who are working on Last Dance, choreographed the first two films and are currently starring as mentors/choreographers on HBO Max's Finding Magic Mike. Speaking with PEOPLE, the pair promises another good time for fans of the franchise.

"We can't say much other than that the script is really good," says Faulk. "And we're so excited and pumped. It's such a gift to be involved with this franchise at all. And then second of all, to be doing another film, we never thought that was going to happen. So we're super pumped and excited and can't wait."

Adds Broadlick: "Yeah, it's going to be great!"

Rodriguez, who played Tito in the first two movies, says he'll always hold the experience making Magic Mike and Magic Mike XXL dear to his heart, and hopes to one day share them with his kids (daughters, Georgie, 7, Frankie, 4, and son Bridgemont, 21 months, with wife Grace) when they're old enough.

"I am so happy to have been involved in all of these," he says. "[My kids] know Channing, they know [writer Reid Carolin], they know Kevin [Nash]. They see those people often enough that when the time comes and they actually do see the movies, I think they're going to have a good laugh."

"Chan's girl, Evie is just a little bit older than my oldest," Rodriguez continues. "Maybe they'll sit and watch it together and have a laugh, but I do look forward to them seeing it because it's been such a great experience for me as an actor and as a person and the friendships that were formed that I'm so proud of having had the chance to be involved in this."

Magic Mike's Last Dance is written by Reid Carolin and will be directed by Steven Soderbergh, who directed the first film in the franchise released in 2012.

The third movie will premiere exclusively on HBO Max, with Gregory Jacobs, who directed 2015's Magic Mike XXL, producing with Carolin, Nick Wechsler and Peter Kiernan.

Until Magic Mike's Last Dance premieres, you can watch Rodriguez, Faulk and Broadlick in Finding Magic Mike, currently streaming on HBO Max.

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