Step 1: Gather a whole bunch of singles – dollars, that is

Credit: Warner Bros.

How do you make it rain Magic Mike-style? A lot of real one-dollar bills.

Production designer Howard Cummings tells PEOPLE, “We got $5,000 in one-dollar bills for the movie,” many of which were needed for the film’s extra-sexy finale. “We decided to use real one-dollar bills for a lot of reasons – the way [Steven] Soderbergh shoots you can go from a very wide angle to a very tight angle on the same shot without cutting, so there was no chance to switch it out.

Cummings, who headed up production design for the previous film as well, also explains using fake money looked, well, fake.

“There’s a high danger of any counterfeit money being used illegally, and they looked kind of like what they are – they crumple a certain way,” Cummings explains, adding that there was “just money everywhere” after every take.

As for who wrangled all of the Magic Mike money? The prop department, with a little added help from the film’s extras.

“[The prop department] was only eight people – and we were trying to do it quickly – so literally everyone including me would chip in and start picking up the one-dollar bills,” Cummings says. “The extras were really great about helping as well because they wanted to see [the guys dance] again … The whole experience was actually really fun because everybody there was actually having a good time.”

Magic money aside, remember all of the insane props the guys used in their routines? On his first day on the job, Cummings actually had to go out and buy that kinky piece of equipment for Joe Manganiello to swing on in the finale.

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All of the actors also pitched in prop ideas for their stripper counterparts’ routines.

“All the guys were very instrumental in creating their routines … they all had ideas about how to do it,” Cummings says. “We would bring them in stuff so that they could work with it ahead of time and then when we got down to doing it, the test was having to make sure [they] were secured in the correct position.”

Overall, the super steamy finale took four days to shoot – with the help of 900 extras.

“There was a lot of planning involved. We actually shot the interior scenes at the Savannah International Trade & Convention Center, which is actually a pretty busy place,” Cummings explains. “So to block out time, to get the set loaded in and get it up and rehearse and shoot, we were really down to about a ten-day window – and four of those days we were shooting. We sort of had around-the-clock teams working.”

Magic Mike XXL is currently steaming up theaters nationwide.