Three New York City male strippers tell PEOPLE about choosing dance routines, how much cash they bring home – and those rumored stripper conventions

By Jessica Fecteau
Updated June 30, 2015 06:00 PM
Joan Yeam

Nothing like a male stripper blockbuster to get people talking about the exotic dance industry.

Magic Mike XXL had us wondering about who works in male revues, what they get paid … and whether stripper conventions are a real thing.

So PEOPLE interviewed three male strippers from Hunk-O-Mania in New York City for a look beyond the body oil.

Do you really have stripper conventions?

Armand Peri, owner and CEO of Hunk-O-Mania, a male entertaining business in 8 major cities, says there is such a thing, but he personally has never been.

But male entertainer Jessie Pires says he has attended a strip-off a time or two.

“People come from all over to compete,” he tells PEOPLE. “It’s pretty cool, like west coast versus east coast and they do it once a year. I actually won one year.”

Do you ever copy routines from the movie?

“They have some routines I actually like,” Pires says. “The Fifty Shades of Grey – that was an awesome routine. I told Armand we should definitely put that in the show. It was awesome.”

Peri says they have been doing the It’s Raining Men! dance sequence from the first film since it has come out.

“Women love it,” he says. “We play some of the film in the background and the guys all have costumes just like in the movie. It’s a crowd pleaser.”

How often do you come up with new routines?

“We pretty much use the same 10 routines that we rotate but we switch up the show every couple years,” Peri says. “We’re inspired by the routines so much that we’re going to use the routines in our show if that’s okay with Channing Tatum.”

Are most male strippers gay or straight?

Peri says all of the Hunk-O-Mania strippers are straight.”Gay guys tip way better,” Peri says. “If they were gay they would be at gay clubs.”

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On average, how much does a dancer make?

“It varies,” Peri says. “It depends on the dancer, depends on how busy it is.”

According to the job site Indeed, male strippers make about $46,000 a year.

But Rudy Bundini, a Hunk-O-Mania dancer, says it’s not about the money for him.

“I have the same passion whether or not I make money,” Bundini says. “It’s more about our interest that we can’t wait for tomorrow night to come back again and the show starts.”

Magic Mike XXL is now playing in theaters.