Take a peek at this clip, then go out and hug your nearest male entertainer
Credit: Courtesy Warner Bros. Pictures

Sure, male strippers are all about shakin’ it for the ladies. But take away the to-die-for abs and provocative dance moves, and they’re really just guys who want to feel like they belong.

Or so we are to believe after viewing this Magic Mike XXL clip debuting exclusively on PEOPLE and Entertainment Weekly.

The shot opens with titular stripper Mike (Channing Tatum) heating up the screen while delivering a sweet speech to his ripped colleagues, including Richie (Joe Manganiello), who appears to be in need of a little motivation.

“Look, I love you guys. This trip has been ridiculous and amazing,” Mike says. “So please do not make me give the whole ‘it’s not about how we go out there and do it, it’s getting to go out there and do it together’ speech … that I just gave you.”

As the guys close in and put their hands together for a little pre-show cheer, a manager played by Jada Pinkett Smith throws the proverbial bucket of cold water on their bromance.

“Look, it’s not bro time, it’s showtime,” she says, throwing a finger and an icy glare in their direction. Keep watching to see how these “male entertainers” react once she’s out of earshot.

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Magic Mike XXL

hits theaters July 1 – and be sure to check back on Wednesday for a special promotion for the film, only available via PEOPLE and Entertainment Weekly.