Maggie Q Talks Wedding Plans at 'The Divergent Series: Allegiant' New York Premiere: 'I Want Intimacy and I Want it Small'

After walking the red carpet arm-in-arm with Dylan McDermott, her fianc , Maggie Q reveals details about her upcoming wedding, "I want intimacy and I want it small," she told PEOPLE.

Photo: Taylor Hill/FilmMagic

Unless you’re close family or a BFF of Maggie Q or Dylan McDermott, don t hold your breath waiting for a wedding invite.

According to Q, who plays Tori onscreen, size apparently matters. “I want intimacy, and I want it small,” she told PEOPLE at Monday’s New York premiere of The Divergent Series: Allegiant. “I don t like big affairs. I don t really even love weddings. They feel like an event to me, and I m not really big on events.”

And for that inside circle, be prepared to travel. A destination “wedding” is a likelihood. “I like exotic, not necessarily beachy,” hinted Q when asked about the dream locale. “I like richness; I think traveling is in order.”

While Q’s not a wedding enthusiast per se, the dress is a crucial, explains the bride-to-be. “Yes, on the day, fashion matters,” she said. “I m looking for a designer. My gay friends are pressuring me to go to fashion shows and look at dresses [laughs]. And should probably listen to them.”

Q, who smiled broadly in photos with her ruggedly handsome soulmate on the red carpet that evening, admitted that she was thrilled to have Dylan at the premiere. “It s always nice to have Dylan, if I can grab him, if he s not busy. I mean, do you not see him?”

What makes him Mr. Right, according to Q? “At the end of the day, I don t even like actors–I never really dated actors, she revealed. “It s the heart of the man, it has to be right . . . pure. And that s what I have, and I m very lucky.”

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