October 15, 2017 08:39 AM

British actress Lysette Anthony has come forward to accuse disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein of allegedly sexually assaulting her in London several decades ago.

Anthony, 54, who currently appears on the British soap Hollyoaks, described the alleged incident to the London police last week, according to The Sunday Times

The actress told the outlet she had spent years attempting to forget what she described as a “pathetic, revolting” alleged attack that left her “disgusted and embarrassed.”

Anthony told The Sunday Times she first met the producer in 1982 while starring in the science fiction film Krull and developed a friendship with him. A few years later, after agreeing to meet him for a drink at his rented home in Chelsea, she said, “The next thing I knew he was half undressed and he grabbed me.”

Lysette Anthony in 2017
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She claimed, “It was the last thing I expected and I fled. That was when the predatory stalking began.”

Sometime after the initial alleged assault, Anthony said Weinstein showed up at her apartment. “He pushed me inside and rammed me up against the coat rack,” she claimed to the Times. “He was trying to kiss me and shove inside me.”

After failing to push the heavier Weinstein off of her, Anthony said, “Finally I just gave up.” Weinstein’s rep told PEOPLE in a statement, “Any allegations of non-consensual sex are unequivocally denied by Mr Weinstein.”

According to the Times, Metropolitan Police are investigating a report of an alleged sexual assault by Weinstein that took place in the ’80s. Police confirmed to PEOPLE that on Wednesday they received a report of an alleged sexual assault  that occured in the London area during the ’80s. However, they have not confirmed the identity of the alleged attacker or victim.

Multiple allegations of sexual misconduct, which came to light in an Oct. 5 New York Times exposé and were compounded by a subsequent investigation by the New Yorker, have been brought against Weinstein in the past few weeks.

Harvey Weinstein
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Following the initial report, Weinstein said in a statement that he was working with therapists and planned to “deal with this issue head-on.” He has since been fired from his powerhouse studio, the Weinstein Company, and his wife, Marchesa designer Georgina Chapman, has announced she’s leaving him.

In response to the lengthy allegations made against Weinstein in the New Yorker piece, a spokesperson for Weinstein said, “Any allegations of non-consensual sex are unequivocally denied by Mr. Weinstein.”

He has since been expelled from both the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and the the British equivalent, the BAFTAs.

Weinstein spoke to cameras on Wednesday while leaving his daughter’s Los Angeles house, saying he was “not doing okay” and hoping for a “second chance” amid the allegations.

A source confirmed to PEOPLE that the 65-year-old had flown out of Los Angeles to a luxury resort.

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