Lupita Nyong'o Sings and Dances While Killing Zombies in Funny First Trailer for 'Little Monsters'

Watch as Lupita Nyong'o fights zombies while trying to keep her class together in the hilarious first trailer for Little Monsters

Lupita Nyong’o isn’t going to let a few zombies ruin her class trip.

The Oscar winner, 36, stars as Miss Caroline in the comedy Little Monsters, which finds her suddenly in charge of her kindergarten class as a horde of zombies try their hardest to attack them during a school field trip to a petting zoo.

Luckily they’re slow-moving zombies, but Miss Caroline still has to find a way to keep her kids from getting scared by the man-eating creatures as they hide out.

“Don’t be scared,” Miss Caroline tells the kids in the trailer. “Who remembers how to play tag? Well those funny looking people out there are it.”

But a drunk Josh Gad isn’t making things any easier.

The trailer shows how Gad barricades himself in a building at the petting zoo before Miss Caroline and her class sneak in for protection. The kids grow more and more suspicious as the zombies press up against the walls as Miss Caroline tries to keep them calm.

“We’re all gonna die,” Gad burps out.

“Are we gonna die, Miss Caroline?” one of the little girls asks.

“No! It’s part of a game. The zombies are not real,” she replies.

“Like f— they aren’t,” Gad cuts in.

The trailer eventually shows Nyong’o taking matters into her own hands and leaving the kids behind to fight the zombies before an army of soldiers show up to help.

The movie earned rave reviews at Sundance Film Festival and the SXSW Film Festival earlier this year. It also serves as Nyong’o’s follow up to her hit movie Us with Jordan Peele. Us also dealt with Nyong’o being hunted down by seemingly inhuman creatures before she faced off against them.

No U.S. release has been set for the Australian comedy.

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