In this Ron Howard-directed documentary, one of the world's best singers is profiled

By Alexia Fernández
April 09, 2019 05:42 PM

Luciano Pavarotti was one of the world’s angelic voices — and fans can see where his talent and heart came from in Ron Howard‘s new documentary Pavarotti.

The Italian opera singer, who died in 2007 at the age of 71 from pancreatic cancer, “was a nervous wreck before every performance, he would always say, ‘I go to die,'” an old friend of the singer says in the trailer.

Filled with interviews by Pavarotti’s friends, family members and those who worked with him, Pavarotti traces the singer’s life to his massive worldwide appeal.

“He led a lonely life, not being at home, not being with his family,” one friend said.

Another added that while Pavarotti’s life took him away from those he loved, his work also introduced him to those living under difficult circumstances.

“He was crushed by injustice,” another person said. “He became completely obsessed by what he could do for others.”

Luciano Pavarotti
| Credit: CBS Films

In a clip of an interview, a journalist asked the singer if he was a “trusting person,” which caused Pavarotti to scoff.

“Are you joking? I would not exist if I didn’t trust people,” the opera singer replied.

Bono, who was interviewed for the film, gave perspective on why the operatic legend’s music is so remembered today.

“The reason he was great is he lived those songs,” Bono said. “The mistakes he made, the hopes, the desires, all of that comes crashing into the performance.”

Pavarotti is in select theaters on June 7.