Louis C.K. Film Release Under 'Careful Consideration' After Sexual Misconduct Allegations

"There is never a place for the behavior detailed in these allegations," a spokesperson for The Orchard said in a statement

The release of Louis C.K.‘s new film I Love You, Daddy is under “careful consideration” by its distributor following the recent allegations of sexual misconduct levied against the comedian.

“In light of the allegations concerning Louis C.K. referenced in today’s New York Times, we are cancelling tonight’s premiere of I Love You, Daddy,” a spokesperson for The Orchard, the film’s distributor, said in a statement Thursday.

“There is never a place for the behavior detailed in these allegations. As a result, we are giving careful consideration to the timing and release of the film and continuing to review the situation,” the statement continued.

C.K. was accused of sexual misconduct by five women in a New York Times article published on Thursday. The New York premiere of I Love You, Daddy was cancelled Thursday ahead of the story being published.

Comedians Dana Min Goodman and Julia Wolov allege that while with C.K. in his hotel room after their show at the U.S. Comedy Arts Festival in 2002, he “proceeded to take all of his clothes off, and get completely naked, and started masturbating.”

Comedian Rebecca Corry alleges that C.K. “asked if we could go to my dressing room so he could masturbate in front of me” while filming a TV pilot in 2005, and writer Abby Schachner alleges she heard him masturbating through the phone during a 2003 call. A fifth, anonymous woman alleges that while working on The Chris Rock Show in the late 1990s, C.K. masturbated while she sat with him in his office, and a co-worker corroborated her story to the Times.

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“It was something that I knew was wrong,” she told the paper. “I think the big piece of why I said yes was because of the culture. He abused his power.”

Courteney Cox and David Arquette, executive producers of the show Corry was working on, confirmed the alleged incident to the Times, with the actress saying, “What happened to Rebecca on that set was awful.”

C.K.’s publicist told the Times his client would not comment on the accusations.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the actor’s appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert — which he was scheduled to tape Fridaywas also canceled, with Shameless star William H. Macy taking his place on the CBS show.

I Love You Daddy, which tells the story of a successful TV writer-producer who attempts to put a stop to a growing romance between his 17-year-old daughter and a 68-year-old filmmaker, has generated plenty of controversy in the past few months.

The movie, which the comedian wrote and directed, is full of controversial dialogue and jokes about child rape and sexual harassment.

C.K. defended the film in September, telling THR, “We’re depicting oxygen-rich people who live in these beautiful apartments and offices saying whatever they want,” he said. “Folks say s— to each other. You can’t think about the audience when you’re making the thing. If you do, you’re not giving them something that came out of your gut. You’ll be making something that you’re like, ‘Is this OK for you?’”

The film comes at a time in which powerful men in Hollywood — including movie mogul Harvey Weinstein and House of Cards actor Kevin Spacey — are being accused of sexual harassment in and out of the work place.

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