Josh Duhamel's Latest Role in 'Lost in the Sun' Takes Him Back to His North Dakota Road Tripping Roots

Josh Duhamel, who plays a crook traveling cross-county with his son, says "everything is a road trip" in his home state of North Dakota


Josh Duhamel plays a crook embarking on a cross-country adventure in Lost in the Sun, and the actor says the fictional road trip actually reminds him a lot of his childhood in North Dakota.

“I think growing up in North Dakota, you have to road trip to get anywhere and everything is a road trip – a lot of big, open roads,” the actor, 42, tells PEOPLE at the Los Angeles press day for the film.

Perhaps because of his upbringing, Duhamel says he has a thing for “music and wind” when it comes to signing on for a film.

“I guess I have an affinity for those kinds of movies because Scenic Route was kind of like that, this one is kind of like it and there’s another one I have coming out that’s called Spaceman where he’s on the road in his VW bug a lot.”

As a father to 2-year-old son Axl with wife Fergie, Duhamel says he can’t wait to make some special memories in the car with him in the future.

“We’ll go all over – probably go up to Big Sur and to Mammoth,” he says.

Duhamel related to the road trip aspect of the film, but less so to playing full-on robber. Fortunately, he was easily able to get some guidance on breaking the law 101.

“I talked to one of the producers who was a lifetime criminal in and out of jail. We all went to dinner one night – I’m sitting there with this dude who was pretty dangerous – and picked his brain about what he was thinking when he did these things,” Duhamel says. “His mindset was a little bit different than mine [because he] kind of got off on the thrill of breaking the law and I don’t think this character ever did that.”

He continued about his role as John: “I think he was just really looking for peace and just trying to get out from underneath a really pressurized system where he had to do things that were just against the rules.”

Lost in the Sun hits theaters Nov. 6.

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