Adam Buxton's five-year-old daughter doesn't think the outfit is that bad, frankly

Sometimes dissenting opinions come from strange places.

To wit: This 5-year-old girl, who really doesn’t see what the big deal with Jabba making Princess Leia wear that metal bikini in Star Wars.

Adam Buxton uploaded this animation to YouTube that shows his daughter’s thoughts on a Star Wars book. (Animation team The Brothers McLeod took some liberties in animating the book’s text: At one poin,t Jar Jar Binks is described as a “universally despised lop eared lizard ponce.”) She doesn’t get what the big deal with Leia’s outfit in Return of the Jedi is, though.

Though the little girl knows Jabba is a “baddie,” she thinks he chose a “really nice dress” for Leia to wear.

“I like the way he put the sort of tiara with the bands – these, this, that,” she says, pointing out aspects of the outfit. “Her hair plaited – it’s actually a pretty good look for her,” the girl concludes.

Buxton tells his daughter that some people think it’s embarrassing and not very nice to make a woman dress up like that, to which she responds, “But it actually is quite nice, I think so. I don’t care if people think that.”

She concedes that she wouldn’t the slave duties that come with the outfit: She’d just escape and keep wearing it, “because it looks really nice.”

Makes sense to us. Maybe JJ Abrams will address this in the new movies.

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