Lindsay Lohan Asked to Be Regina George in Mean Girls: 'I Wanted to Play a Pretty, Normal Girl'

Lindsay Lohan looked back on some of her most iconic roles — and costumes — for a video with Vogue

One of Lindsay Lohan's most memorable roles was not her first choice.

The actress, 35, recalled her experience filming 2004's Mean Girls in a Vogue video released Thursday, during which she reflects on her career.

"The story behind me playing Cady in Mean Girls is actually really unknown by a lot of people," she said, also calling the film "such a lovable movie."

"I had wanted to play Regina, because I'd just come off of Freaky Friday, and I really wanted to play a pretty, normal girl now," Lohan explained. "I wanted to have a different kind of role than just the damaged teenager again."

Lohan continued, "Mark Waters, the director, was insistent that I play Cady, and so was Tina [Fey]. They're like, 'No, no, no, you're the lovable one, you have to play Cady.' "

"I was so eager to get into the transitional part of, 'Okay, let's get to the pretty part of Cady,' " she told Vogue while looking back on her outfit for a party scene in Mean Girl.

Lohan previously shared the story behind her Mean Girls casting while speaking to Entertainment Weekly in 2014, marking the 10-year anniversary of the film. While Rachel McAdams was eventually cast as queen bee Regina George, Lohan said she had been vying for the role.

Mean Girls

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"I had finished Freaky Friday not long before with Mark Waters. I had gone to Toronto and I was doing Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen," Lohan told EW. "Mark came out to scout locations for Mean Girls and came to see me at my hotel and said, 'Do you wanna do this movie?' "

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She continued, "I wanted to play Regina. I had just played — in Confessions and Freaky — not the cool girl in school. I was still 17 years old and I wanted to be the cool girl on set. So I had a war with him, and he goes, 'No, Cady is the heroine, and that's who you are.' "

Fey, 51, who wrote the Mean Girls screenplay, told EW at the time that she initially expected Lohan would play Regina.

"At some point, I was like 'Oh, should Lindsay be Regina?' And then Mark and Lorne [Michaels] had the good sense to say, 'No, she gets to turn into Regina,' " Fey recalled. "You work backward from that and you cast her as Cady, knowing she could get to that point of being Regina, but you let her be the innocent side too."

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