Lohan shocked fans after posting a disturbing video on Instagram that appeared to show her accusing a homeless family of "trafficking children"
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Lindsay Lohan shocked fans after posting a disturbing video on Instagram that appeared to show her accusing a homeless family of “trafficking children” when they would not let her help them.

Although the actress, 32, has since deleted the Instagram Live video, PEOPLE was able to watch it beforehand.

In the video preceding the bizarre clip, Lohan can be seen partying in a dark and loud club. Though it is not immediately clear where the incident happened, TMZ reports she was in Russia, while her most recent Instagram location tags show she was recently in Paris.

In the next video, Lohan, who is in a car, spots a homeless family sleeping outside and identifies them as Syrian refugees.

Seemingly trying to help, Lohan approaches the family and says the children can come with her to watch movies “on a television or a computer.” However, when they do not make moves to leave with her, she starts to become belligerent. It’s not immediately clear whether the family could understand what she was saying to them.

Eventually, the family gathers up their stuff to leave, which Lohan appears to take as a sign that they’re consenting to come with her, leading her to ask the kids, “Are you excited?” The children do not answer.

As the family walks past Lohan’s car, the actress can be heard saying, “This is my car right here.” After they keep walking, Lohan says, “They’re trafficking children.”

At points in the video, the New York native can be heard speaking to the family with a foreign accent.

As Lohan continues to follow the family, a female voice can be heard approaching her, after which Lohan lets out an audible gasp and her camera shakes.

Lohan then turns the camera around on herself and says she was slapped by the woman. “You guys, I’m so scared,” she remarks while crying and grabbing the side of her face. Shortly after, the video ends.

Lohan’s rep did not immediately reply to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

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While some fans could be seen commenting on the video with heart emojis and messages about how Lohan was doing the right thing, many people have subsequently shared their outrage over her behavior on Twitter.

“Everyone’s cracking jokes about Lindsay Lohan trying to steal two Syrian refugee kids from their parents & getting punched in retaliation live on Instagram—but I’m actually outraged at her blatant white saviorism,” wrote one social media user, though the video does not explicitly show Lohan getting hit.

Days earlier, Lohan was spotted in Paris, where she attended the Saint Laurent runway show alongside her look-alike little brother, model Dakota Lohan, 22.

The actress has recently been spending a lot of time in Mykonos, Greece to film her new reality series, Lohan Beach Club, slated to premiere on MTV in 2019.