The composer encouraged fans to consider donating funds for Broadway actors currently out of a job amid the pandemic

Jimmy Fallon is continuing his makeshift version of The Tonight Show— this time with a video visit from Lin-Manuel Miranda.

On Wednesday night, the comedian shared the second installment of his at-home edition of the late-night show amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Joining him for the new episode was the famous composer and playwright, best known for creating the popular Broadway musical, Hamilton.

Sitting behind a piano, Miranda, 40, asked Fallon, “What would The Roots play on my entrance?” (The Roots are the official house band on The Tonight Show.).

After Miranda played a quick tune, Fallon, 45, clapped and virtually welcomed him on the show, thanking the composer for being the first official guest for the new format.

Lin-Manuel Miranda, Jimmy Fallon
Jimmy Fallon and Lin-Manuel Miranda

“Everything is cool, we are doing the cool thing to do which is self-quarantining,” the father of two told Fallon after being asked how he’s doing. “Which means we are home with our two kids. We have a kindergartener and a 2-year-old and so we are learning how to homeschool. To quote Shonda Rimes’ tweet, ‘every teacher should make a billion dollars a year.’ ” (Miranda shares sons Sebastian, 5, and Fransisco, 2, with wife Vanessa.)

“I mean like oh my gosh, right?” Fallon said in agreement. “How hard is this, it’s insane.”

The host then asked if social distancing was giving Miranda time to get a lot of work done with his writing, to which the producer laughed and said, “I’m not getting any work done, I’m learning how to teach math.”

The two dads then bonded over some of the activities they’ve been doing to keep their children occupied, including a virtual drawing class hosted by Mo Willems, a children’s book author. “My kids’ doodles are legit good after following along with him,” Miranda said, before running out of the room to grab a few of his kids’ drawings. “Check out this legit good pigeon drawing.”

Miranda then talked about the new previously unreleased Hamilton song, “I Have This Friend,” that he finally shared last week to lift people’s spirits amid the pandemic.

“Its a silly tune that kind of pops up every once and a while in my shuffle, it was never even good enough to make one of the readings or the workshops,” he said. “It’s a one-joke song, it’s basically Hamilton saying to Washington, ‘Uh, I have this friend and he’s in trouble, not me. Asking for a friend.’ ”

jimmy fallon
Credit: Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

The playwright went on to raise awareness about the charity Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS, which raises money for the actors’ fund that supports Broadway performers during difficult times. Last week, Broadway had to close its doors due to the pandemic, leaving hundreds of actors and stage crew members without a job for the indefinite future.

Fallon and Miranda then encouraged viewers to consider donating to the organization. As of Tuesday morning, they raised $9,942.

Miranda then ended his appearance with a performance of “Dear Theodosia.”

Fallon once again enlisted the help of wife Nancy Juvonen, as the camerawoman, and his adorable daughters — Frances Cole, 5, and Winnie Rose, 6 — as his graphic designers and musicians for the latest at-home episode.

Fallon began his show by sliding in via an indoor slide in his home to the cooking pot drumming of his oldest daughter Winnie. He later went on to tell a series of jokes, garnering some laughter from his two children who also served as his audience.