Javier Munoz will take over the lead role starting July 11

By Jodi Guglielmi
Updated June 17, 2016 04:00 PM
Credit: Donald Traill/Invision for Hennessy/AP

Hamilton star Javier Muñoz is ready for his turn in the spotlight.

Muñoz, who has served as Lin-Manuel Miranda‘s understudy in the Broadway smash, will officially take over the title role of Alexander Hamilton following Miranda’s final performance.

Miranda previously announced his plans to leave the hit Broadway musical to explore other projects, but before he goes, two performances including the original cast will be filmed.

Muñoz will take over the lead role starting July 11.

And while the actor, along with the rest of the cast, basked in the glow of Hamilton‘s universal acclaim, behind the scenes, Muñoz was fighting cancer – only making his illness public after being forced to take several weeks off from Hamilton last year.

He previously opened up to PEOPLE about his battle with the illness, admitting that for a while, he kept the news a secret from those closest to him.

“My inclination, my instinct, my reaction to the fear I felt was solitude,” he said. “And that’s what I think was behind my silence and how long it took me to say anything to anyone. People in my life had no idea and I was doing my best to hide it.”

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Though the Muñoz has not publicly disclosed which type of cancer he had, he underwent surgery and radiation in November. Munoz said his castmates encouraged him to continue working with the show throughout his recovery.

“Coming out of this, it’s sort of reinvigorated my passions,” he said. “If success comes with those things in some way – and everyone has their own definition of success – that’s great. But it’s the art that’s my goal. It’s the work that’s my goal. It’s creating something wonderful.”