Who knew Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again star Lily James had such a fantastic voice?

In the new lyric video for “When I Kissed the Teacher” (a song off of Abba’s 1976 album Arrival), Lily James portrays a young Donna (Meryl Streep’s character), singing along with her group The Dynamos.

The sequel to the much-beloved film 2008 film, which is based around the music of Abba, takes place back on the Greek island of Kalokairi 10 years later with Amanda Seyfried’s character now pregnant and running her mother Donna’s inn—with the help of her mom’s former bandmates, Tanya and Rosie. (Christine Baranski and Julie Walters.)

The entire original cast reunited for the film, including Colin Firth and Pierce Brosnan, with James and Cher as the newcomers. Cher plays Seyfried’s grandmother, Ruby Sheridan.

Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again hits theaters on July 20.