May 16, 2008 02:45 PM

Though the inquest into the 1997 death of Princess Diana recently came to its conclusion, the story isn’t quite over yet.

Keith Allen, the filmmaker father of singer Lily Allen, has produced a new feature documentary, There Are Dark Forces, which delves into the lengthy inquest. He considers his work a damning indictment of both the British Establishment and the media’s reporting methods.

“This is the inquest of the inquest,” Allen, 55, tells PEOPLE at the Cannes Film Festival. While the paparazzi trailing Diana and Dodi Fayed into the Paris traffic tunnel that fateful night have been blamed for the accident, the inquest jury’s decision that the tragedy was caused by unidentified “following vehicles” does not confirm it was the fault of photographers, says Allen.

Among those who viewed a 20-minute trailer of the film at a private screening was Keith’s daughter Lily. “Of course I am proud of my dad and what he has done,” she tells PEOPLE. “It’s amazing. He is always inquisitive.”

Her father, who has previously made several controversial documentaries, says of this one: “It’s not about a conspiracy before the crash, but there definitely was a conspiracy after it.”

For part of his film he inserted an undercover reporter to tape journalists in the press tent used by the media during the six-month inquest .

Antidote to ‘The Queen’

“This is an antidote to last year’s Oscar-winning movie The Queen, which is the face of the monarchy they want you to see,” Allen says of his 100-minute movie. “This shows the Royal Family as they really are.”

Given some archive footage of Prince Philip marching with Nazis before World War II and other potentially inflammatory images, “It can’t be shown in Britain, as it is too litigious,” Allen says of his film. “But other countries with more liberal laws will see it. It is explosive.”

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