Leslie Jones Reveals She Was Once a Telemarketer for Scientology: 'They Still Kinda Don't Know I'm Not a Scientologist'

The cast of Ghostbusters also played a game of Heads Up

Photo: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros

Before Leslie Jones made a name for herself on Saturday Night Live, she had a rather unique job.

The comedian stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Wednesday alongside her Ghostbusters costars Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy and Kate McKinnon, where they all discussed the odd jobs they had before they became famous.

“You were a telemarketer for Scientology?” DeGeneres asked Jones.

“Uh, yeah, they still kinda don’t know I’m not a Scientologist,” she replied. “Thanks for blowing my cover, Ellen!”

He costars couldn’t contain their laughter as Jones, 48, went on to discuss how exactly she landed the gig.

“I lived in Glendale I needed to pay the rent, and it was a very easy interview. I just acted crazy,” she said.

“Oh my god, I’m sorry Scientologist for revealing things,” Jones added with a blank expression.

As McKinnon, 32, scooted down the couch away from Jones, Wiig, 42, couldn’t help but acknowledge how hilarious the situation was. “This is the best interview I’ve ever been on.”

And while Jones definitely won the contest for strangest job, McKinnon was a close second. She revealed she was once an umpire for Little League.

“In retrospect, I should have brushed up on the rules for softball before litigating them,” she joked. “Oh, I got yelled at. They did not like my calls and they were bad, bad calls.”

Later on the show, the ladies all played a hilarious round of DeGeneres’ signature game, Heads Up. The group admitted that they played the game a lot on set of Ghostbusters.

“Oh my god, gut-wrenching laughter, I clenched and fell to my knees laughing so hard,” Jones said of playing the game.

Jones and McKinnon were paired together first, where they had to describe terms that fell under the category “adult supervision.”

After, Wiig and McCarthy, 45, had their turn acting out different dance moves for DeGeneres to try and identify.

Watch the hilarious clip above.

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