Leslie Jones Wants to Play a Villain in 'Justice League' Sequel: 'I Better Damn Well Be the Star'

"I want to be the villain that people be like, 'Somebody kill this bitch!'" the comedian joked

Leslie Jones is ready to take on the world as an action star fighting superheroes.

While appearing virtually on The Tonight Show Monday, the 53-year-old comedian spoke about her aspirations to star in the Justice League sequel.

Discussing her prior viewing of the four-hour-long film, which is director Zack Snyder's version of the original movie following his exit as director in 2017, Jones recalled live-tweeting and commentating on the movie, which drew a special shout out from Snyder, 55.

After host Jimmy Fallon shared that the director had called Jones "the official ZSJL [Zack Snyder's Justice League] whisper" on Twitter and praised the Snyder's reaction as "cool," Jones replied back, "It's gonna be even cooler when he put me in the next one."

"Oh, I better be in the next one! I live-tweeted for four hours," she added. "I better damn well be the star of the next one."

Leslie Jones, Justice League
Leslie Jones, Zack Snyder's Justice League. Paras Griffin/Getty; Moviestore/Shutterstock

Continuing their conversation about Jones' potential role in a follow-up to the superhero film, Fallon, 46, then asked the Saturday Night Live alum what kind of superhero character she would like to plau.

"I want to be a villain!" she exclaimed. "I want to be a villain and I want to be the worst villain."

"I want to be the villain that people be like, 'Somebody kill this bitch!'" she said, adding, "I mean, my knees ain't good, but, you know, as long as we get a stunt double, we good."

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Back in March, Jones delivered a whopping 87 tweets as she reacted live on Twitter to the lengthy film, which sees Batman (Ben Affleck), Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), Superman (Henry Cavill), Cyborg (Ray Fisher), The Flash (Ezra Miller) and Aquaman (Jason Mamoa) attempt to save the world.

And to keep her followers up to date on her hilarious commentary, Jones included the hashtag "#longa--movie" after each tweet.

"I love Wonder Woman," Jones said in one tweet in reference to Gadot's character. In another tweet about Wonder Woman, the comedian said, "WARRIORS!! I'm losing my s---! And I still got 3 hours 30 minutes and forty-five seconds mfs!!"

Jones also poked fun at Affleck's Batman, tweeting, "He need to be called gadget man not Batman I'm sorry." She later added, "I'm just saying am I the one who needs to point this out ok ok he is Gotham savior but he got gadgets man!!"

After four hours of action packed thrills, Jones marked the end of the film with one final tweet: "Damn that was long as f---!! Good Morning!! #longa--movie."

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