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October 17, 2016 04:09 PM

Has Leslie Jones made a love connection?

The Ghostbusters actress laid the groundwork for a new romance on social media over the weekend, engaging in some Twitter flirtation with PEOPLE’s Sexiest Teacher Alive, Nicholas Ferroni.

Ferroni, a New Jersey-based educator, started the fun conversation by tweeting at Jones about a recent school-themed skit she was in when Lin-Manuel Miranda hosted Saturday Night Live earlier this month.

“Finally got to watch @Lin_Manuel’s EP of #SNL and I LOVED the teacher segment,” he wrote. “And yes, @Lesdoggg, my students think that AXE smells good.”

Jones wasted no time, responding, “Are single too?”

When Ferroni wrote that he was “sadly” available, Jones asked, “ummmmmmmm. Am I your type?”

Speaking exclusively to PEOPLE about the exchange, Ferroni says: “We just connected on social media and I think she’s a beautiful soul, inside and out, but it was just fun banter – she can do much better than me. But I wouldn’t be against grabbing dinner!”

Meanwhile, Hamilton star Miranda was on the edge of his seat, sending a gif of Angela Lansbury eating popcorn to convey his intrigue.

The back-and-forth continued, with Ferroni retorting, “I don’t have a type and don’t forget I have 150 kids,” complete with a winking emoji.

Jones wasn’t deterred, asking, “Are you gonna bring them on a date?!”

Finally, Jones stopped beating around the bushing, asserting, “I’m not doing anymore work. If you interested you will get at me.”


After seeking out advice from Miranda, Ferroni promised, “you’re right and I will.”

Will Ferroni follow through with “grabbing dinner” with Jones? The Internet is waiting with bated breath.

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