Leonardo DiCaprio and Girlfriend Camila Morrone Splurge on an Italian Feast for NYE in Boston

"He had the bluest eyes I've ever seen in my life," one eyewitness recalled

Leonardo DiCaprio , Camila Morrone
Leonardo DiCaprio. Camila Morrone. Photo: Christopher Jue/Getty; FADEL SENNA/AFP via Getty

Leonardo DiCaprio has a sweet tooth.

The Oscar-winning actor, 46, headed to Table Mercato, an Italian market in Boston’s historic North End, on Thursday afternoon along with his girlfriend Camila Morrone.

Along with another woman, DiCaprio and Morrone hopped out of a large black SUV and headed into the market, where they purchased a boatload of ingredients for an Italian feast. Piling the counter high with pastas, sauces, crackers, homemade potato chips, fig jam, and other refrigerated items, they browsed the store and purchased so much, the goods nearly toppled off the counter.

“We couldn’t believe how much they were buying,” says Kaitlin O’Driscoll, who was shopping in the store with her boyfriend when DiCaprio and Morrone came in. “We couldn’t even check out with all their stuff on the counter.”

As Morrone browsed the bakery case, O’Driscoll made a point to tell her everything in the store was delicious. “I was like, everything in there is so good, there’s not one thing that’s bad,” says O’Driscoll, who notes that Morrone was "beautiful."

Dressed in a hooded sweatshirt and jacket with a black hat and black mask, DiCaprio prepared to exit the store, but made sure to ask Morrone to grab some sweets. “He basically said to his girlfriend, ‘Here’s my credit card, go crazy and make sure you get some cannoli,’ and he went back out and got in the back of the car,” recalls O’Driscoll. “He had the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen in my life.”

But due to the New Year’s Eve rush, the shop was out of cannoli. Instead, the group chose a series of nougats imported from Italy.

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Camila Morrone and Leonardo DiCaprio at the 2020 Oscars. Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY/Sipa USA

It took a moment for employee Marta Trvcinska, who was working the register, to realize DiCaprio’s identity. But when he asked for a basket for their haul, she realized it was him. “I just remember seeing those eyes from Titanic!” Trvcinska tells PEOPLE. “They ended up loading up so many things, I could barely grab them.”

DiCaprio and Morrone “were definitely staying close to each other,” Trvcinska recalls, but notes how “nonchalant and chill” the couple was as they browsed the shop. “They were definitely trying to lay low,” she says.

Jen Royle, the owner of Table Mercato and the adjoining restaurant Table, was downstairs cooking when the actor came in and was heartbroken to hear she didn't have enough cannoli for DiCaprio. “It was New Year's Eve, and we got slammed with takeout,” she tells PEOPLE. “At some point, we just have to tell people I’m sorry we’re out!”

Though the shop section has only been open for five weeks, Royle says she certainly didn’t expect one of Hollywood’s biggest names to walk in.

“We’re a neighborhood joint,” Royle tells PEOPLE. “People come and pick up food, they order and they pick it up.”

While having DiCaprio in is a delight, Royle says she’s more concerned with catering to the regulars from the neighborhood. “We try to treat everybody like they are a celebrity,” she said.

DiCaprio has been spotted around Boston several times since arriving in town to film Don’t Look Up, the upcoming Adam McKay-directed film also starring Meryl Streep, Ariana Grande, Timothée Chalamet, Jonah Hill, Matthew Perry, Himesh Patel, Cate Blanchett, Kid Cudi, Rob Morgan and Tomer Sisley.

Last month, DiCaprio was nearly unrecognizable as he was spotted filming on a train platform at South Station with costar Jennifer Lawrence. The pair was also spotted filming aboard the USS Massachusetts, a WWII battleship in Fall River, located about 50 miles south of Boston.

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