Lena Waithe has a special message during times of hardship


Lena Waithe has a special message that she hopes will “bring people together.”

In a PEOPLE exclusive video, The Chi creator, 34, premieres a short film called Rising for the Love Has No Labels campaign which aims at creating more inclusive communities.

The short film follows people of different ethnicities and walks of life coming together in the immediate aftermath of a massive storm and challenges viewers to think about why it takes a disaster to bring human beings together.

At the beginning of the film, a boy raises an American flag as another man watches him with suspicion. The moment is witnessed by a young woman going on a run with her girlfriend and several other neighbors all of different ethnicities.

While the tension was palpable between the groups, all came together to save the boy’s family from drowning in a storm.

Lena Waithe
| Credit: Vera Anderson/WireImage

Of making the film, Waithe said, “So excited to be involved. We need stories like this that bring people together, especially now.”

Game of Thrones director David Nutter, who helmed the project, says, “We live in a time of tribalism. Rising is a story about shifting the way we communicate,” adding, “Through this film we want people to go from being defensive of those who are different to accepting and embracing our differences.”

The short film was produced by the Ad Council and R/GA and are also the forces behind the Love Has No Labels movement.

Rising will be available by Showtime and On Demand.