Leah Remini Recalls Her Very First Scene with Ben Affleck from 1995's 'Glory Daze' : 'I Was Petrified'

Leah Remini and Ben Affleck appeared together in the 1995 film opposite Brendan Fraser, Alyssa Milano, Sam Rockwell, and more

Leah Remini is reliving her Glory Daze with Ben Affleck!

The actress spoke to PEOPLE (the TV show!)'s host Kay Adams this week about all things PEOPLE Puzzler when she recalled working with Affleck on the 1995 film.

Earlier this month, Remini shared a clip of herself, Affleck, and Brendan Fraser in a scene for the film, which also starred Alyssa Milano and French Stewart, as well as Matthew McConaughey and Sam Rockwell in minor roles.

When Adams asked Remini what she remembered most about working alongside a young Affleck, the PEOPLE Puzzler host jokingly admitted, "Nothing."

"I was petrified. I was just petrified," Remini said of working with the actor. "I remember Brendan [Fraser] who was so lovely to me."

"And then the guy at the end of that clip where our face is out the window, yelling at Ben Affleck, right? He made me laugh so many times," Remini noted of actor Jay Lacopo, who played a bus driver in the movie. "I wasn't established in any way to be like, 'Go screw yourself. I'm laughing.' You know what I mean? I was petrified."

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She added, "I was horrified at myself because I kept ruining takes because that guy in the clip was so funny in real life. He kept doing different things, and so he kept making me laugh."

Remini also revealed who she'd think was more likely to win People Puzzler: her best friend Jennifer Lopez or Affleck?

"Ben," she shared, adding she had even brought her favorite board game, Rummikub, to Lopez's house where she played Affleck.

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"I just wanted to make sure that they had my game there in case when I come, we're playing the game," she said. "And so I quickly explained it to him thinking that he would lose. And I maybe didn't say everything that he was supposed to do, but he was catching up, which I wasn't happy about. And I was like, 'We need to stop. I have to go. I have things I got to do.' "

In July, Lopez and Affleck, who began dating in late April, attended Remini's 51st birthday party where they took a picture together in a photo booth.

At the time, Remini shared a video of her star-studded bash, which included the photo of her two famous friends.

jennifer lopez, ben affleck, leah remini
Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck and Leah Remini. leah remini/instagram

"I wanted to share a little video from my birthday with you all because I got so much love from you on my birthday but also everyday," wrote Remini, whose birthday was on June 15.

In the grayscale picture, seen around 32 seconds into the footage, Affleck has his arms around both Lopez and Remini as they hug him from both sides. Lopez rests her hand on Affleck's chest.

Lopez and Affleck have frequently been seen together since, celebrating Lopez's 52nd birthday with a tour of the Mediterranean, taking their respective children out on family outings in L.A. and even sharing a kiss in the busy streets of New York City.

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