Lady Gaga Wows Critics with Her 'A Star Is Born' Performance: She's 'Dynamite'

Lady Gaga is receiving critical acclaim for her starring role in Bradley Cooper's A Star Is Born

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Lady Gaga is receiving critical acclaim for her starring role in Bradley Cooper’s A Star Is Born.

The Golden Globe winner, 32, plays Ally, a struggling artist who has given up on her dream of becoming a singer until seasoned musician Jackson Maine (Cooper) convinces her to try again.

Gaga, who was born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, delivered an unforgettable performance if the first reviews from the film are to be believed. The film world premiered at the Venice Film Festival on Friday.

Among some of the most enthusiastic praise Gaga receives is from Variety’s Owen Gleiberman, who tweeted the film is “a total emotional knockout, directed by Bradley Cooper on a high wire of emotion, and he and Lady Gaga are stunning together.”

“This is what movies are all about,” he added.

The Wrap’s Alonso Duralde wrote in his review, “Cooper and Lady Gaga are dynamite together.

Of the pop star’s singing, Duralde said, “I rate [Judy] Garland’s performance ‘The Man That Got Away’ as one of the all-time great musical performances on celluloid, so I mean it as high praise when I say that while none of the numbers in this version surpasses that moment, some of them shockingly close.”

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IndieWire’s Michael Nordine also delivered high praise for the singer and actress writing she “is resplendent as a diamond-in-the-rough singer.”

Her magnetism draws you into the world… she instantly makes you believe in her Ally as a no-name talent despite already being one of the most successful singers on the planet,” he wrote.

“Even with everything Gaga’s already done, A Star Is Born feels like a coming-out party for her,” he added. “Cooper is the co-lead but, in much the same way that his Jackson Maine takes Ally on tour and facilitates her burgeoning superstardom, it often feels like his onscreen goal is to play second fiddle and help us see that, as both an actress and a singer, his costar is a singular talent.”

A Star Is Born is in theaters Oct. 5.

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