Lady Gaga Releases 'I'll Never Love Again' Music Video from 'A Star Is Born' with Bradley Cooper

The actress shared the music video from the new film to Twitter on Friday.

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga
Photo: Clay Enos

Just two weeks after A Star is Born hit theaters, Lady Gaga has debuted the music video for “I’ll Never Love Again,” and it’s safe to say we still can’t get enough of her and Bradley Cooper‘s on-screen romance.

Tweeting the news on Friday, Gaga, 32, shared a snippet of the music video to social media, as well as the link, and encouraged her followers to check out the emotional ballad on Apple Music.

The video opens with a clip from the movie when Ally (Gaga) first discovers the lyrics to the song written by Jackson Maine (Cooper). “I wanna know what this is?” she asks Jackson. “You hiding love songs?”

“No, I wouldn’t say I was hiding it,” Jackson responds. “I started putting it down on paper when we were at home. I don’t know, it just sorta fell out of me, I guess, and onto this page.”

The scene featuring Gaga’s “I’ll Never Love Again” performance was filmed at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles on the same day her best friend, Sonja Durham, died from stage 4 breast, brain, and lung cancer.

“My very, very, very dear friend Sonja died of cancer that day,” Gaga told Entertainment Weekly. “We were supposed to shoot in, like, 30 minutes, and I left the set because her husband called me and I could hear her in the background and I just got in the car and drove.”

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“I missed her by 15 minutes and she died. I literally laid with her, with her husband, and their dog, and his son,” she continued. “When I came back, Bradley was so gentle with me and we got through it. I performed the song. He was like, ‘You don’t have to do it again. It’s okay.'”

Gaga added, “All I wanted to do was sing. I’ll never forget that day. It was really a special scene, and I’ll always remember that moment.”

Neal Preston/Warner Bros.

The singer previously told PEOPLE that she and Cooper, 43, had an “instant connection,” which helped make her transition from music to acting run smoothly.

“Our friendship is exactly what set the tone for this film,” she said at the A Star is Born premiere. “He’s such a wonderful person. He says it to me in the movie, he says, ‘All you gotta do is trust me.’ I trusted him the whole time. He pulled things out of me that I never thought that I even had.”

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Cooper echoed her thoughts, telling PEOPLE that same night, “I made a friend for life. As great as this movie was the thing that I think I’ll take away forever is the relationship I have with her because she is an incredible person. I’m very lucky to have worked with her.”

A Star Is Born is currently playing in theaters nationwide.

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