Lady Gaga Strikes a Pose in Mere Seconds at L.A Premiere of A Star Is Born — and Fans Are Shook

Lady Gaga showed off her movie star chops during a moment at the Los Angeles premiere of her new film A Star Is Born

Lady Gaga showed off her movie star chops during a moment at the Los Angeles premiere of her new film A Star Is Born that fans just can’t stop raving about.

The singer, 32, was concluding an interview with PEOPLE’s JD Heyman and Melody Chiu at the Monday night premiere of the film when she was asked by photographers to pose.

In a moment that quickly went viral, Gaga hugged the hosts goodbye before turning in one move to the photographers and striking a pose in her silver Givenchy couture dress with a matching cape.

The pop star’s fans quickly shared their excitement on Twitter, with one fan who caught the moment, writing, “lady gaga found her angle in 3 seconds. ugh LEGEND.”

One fan shared a gif of the actress that said, “Talented, Brilliant. Incredible. Amazing. Showstopping. Spectacular.”

Another fan wrote, “Absolute queen man,” while a different user tweeted, “LEGEND.”

“Her pose told me to buy tickets and the soundtrack to A Star Is Born,” another fan tweeted.

One fan made a note of another pop cultural icon in the form of Mean Girls, tweeting the moment was like, “Regina George kissing Aaron at the Halloween party and looking back to see Cady’s reaction.”

The “Million Reasons” singer shared that her friendship with her costar Bradley Cooper was what “set the tone” for the movie.

Our friendship is exactly what set the one for this film,” she told PEOPLE. “He’s such a wonderful person. He says to me in the movie, he says, ‘All you gotta do is trust me.’ I trusted him the whole time. He pulled things out of me that I never thought that I even had.”

Gaga also recalled when the two first spoke about the film when the first-time director arrived at her home where she treated him to leftover spaghetti.

“We had it in the fridge and when he came over I was heating it up for him in a pan, and before I knew it was two Italian Americans from the East Coast eating spaghetti together. It was an instant connection,” Gaga told PEOPLE.

The duo has been earning rave reviews for their film, which centers around Ally (Gaga), a struggling singer-songwriter who finds success amid a romance with Cooper’s country-rocker Jackson Maine.

A Star Is Born is in theaters Oct. 5.

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