A sequence cut out in the days after her brother's death is included in new release

Credit: Flynet, Nick Sadler/Startraks


Brüno, the preening, Austrian celebrity wannabe created by Sacha Baron Cohen, finally gets to meet singer La Toya Jackson when Brüno is released on DVD on Nov. 17.

After the sudden death of Michael Jackson, a scene in which Cohen, disguised as the flamboyant Brüno, conducts an outrageous interview with an unsuspecting La Toya was hastily cut from the film. The scene, removed before the theatrical release, earlier had been viewed by critics and test audiences.

In the 90-second comic scene, now included as an extra on the Brüno DVD, La Toya, 53, arrives at a hilltop house in Los Angeles to be interviewed by Brüno, an alleged Austrian TV infotainment star. She fails to recognize Cohen, the British-born star of Borat, beneath his disguise and heavy accent.

Cohen welcomes her into a room devoid of furniture, having her to sit on the back of a near-naked Hispanic laborer, who is kneeling on the floor on all fours. La Toya perches awkwardly and giggles, “It’s like being on a horse, isn’t it?” She then joins her host in delicately chop sticking sushi off the stomach of a second, also near-naked man, who has been wheeled into the room lying on a gurney.

It is only when Cohen borrows La Toya’s cell phone, combs through it looking for Michael’s phone number and then yells the number out in faux German for an assistant to jot down that La Toya halts the interview and storms out. As her car drives away, Cohen yells plaintively, “La Toya, come back. Can you at least get me Jermaine?”