Kyra Sedgwick on Why She Felt 'Terrified' When Falling in Love with Husband of 31 Years Kevin Bacon

"When I did fall in love with Kevin, it really just felt like there was some urgency to get married," Kyra Sedgwick said

Kyra Sedgwick admits that falling in love with Kevin Bacon wasn’t easy for her.

The actress, 54, spoke to Vulture about meeting Bacon, 61, while filming their movie Lemon Sky and marrying in 1988.

Sedgwick married and had welcomed their first child, son Travis, by the time she was 23, a fact her younger self would have thought “f—ing insane.”

“I mean, I’d been working professionally since I was 16. And I was living on my own, making my own money. I was like, ‘I’m fiercely independent,’” she said.

She continued, “So when I did fall in love with Kevin, it really just felt like there was some urgency to get married, and I don’t know what it was. Suddenly this thing came over me and I was terrified.”

Her fear came from a deep place, she said.

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“Because I couldn’t count on people. I just didn’t,” Sedgwick explained. “That wasn’t where I felt like I would be successful. A lot of people had let me down and so I was not interested in being vulnerable or connected in a really serious way.”

Despite her misgivings, the two stars found a way to connect.

“He was just the one, you know? He was just the soul mate, he was just the one,” she said.

The two celebrated 31 years of marriage earlier this month with sweet Instagram tributes dedicated to each other.

Sedgwick shared a black and white photo of their wedding day on Instagram, writing, “Not sure how I was so smart at the clueless age of 23…. but I am eternally grateful I did one thing right! 31 years- I love you so! @kevinbacon.”

Bacon also shared a photo, writing, “31 years today. Harmony. Heartbeats in time. Switching leads. And happy to play backup. I love u @kikkosedg.”

Bacon joked to PEOPLE in 2017 that it was “heroic” that his wife had stayed with him for so long.

“I was watching videotapes of our family from the early ’90s. Hearing me making these cheesy jokes from behind the camera, I said to my wife, ‘When I look at those tapes and hear the things coming out of my mouth, the fact that you have stayed with me is truly heroic.'”

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