Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn have been together for 34 years and their romance started with a pickup line that should definitely not work for anyone

By Karen Mizoguchi
May 04, 2017 01:02 AM

Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn have been together for over three decades and, it turns out, their long-term romance started with a terrible pickup line.

The Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2 actor, who first met Hawn on the set of the 1966 Disney film The One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band at age 16, before meeting her again in 1983.

Russell explained that he went out drinking with his dad the night before an audition where he would read lines with his future love.

“I was severely hungover … and I didn’t know Goldie at all outside of having worked with her many years before,” Russell, 66, recalled to Conan O’Brien on his TBS show Wednesday. “I just didn’t know in my mind what I was going to see. [Goldie] had a great body, and so the first that came out was ‘Man, you got a great figure.’ And it kind of came out quickly and it could’ve been wrong and she said, ‘Why thank you.'”

O’Brien was quick to point out: “You know what’s crazy? You do that and it’s cool, and you’ll end up with her for 34 years. I’ve done that many times in my life and I get maced … it’s a totally different situation.”

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Last month, Russell shared on Harry the humorous details of his and Hawn’s first date that included getting busted by the cops while having sex.

Three decades later, the Hawn-Russell dynasty includes their children Kate and Oliver Hudson, and Wyatt and Boston Russell as well as the movies they appeared in together: Swing Shift (1984) and Overboard (1987).

Hawn’s Snatched costar Amy Schumer recently revealed the relationship advice she received from the 71-year-old actress.

“You have to want to stay together is what she always says,” Schumer told PEOPLE of Hawn’s love tips. “It’s like two people have to want to be in it. You can’t work on that, either you want to be together or you don’t.”