Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn Are Back as Santa and Mrs. Claus in Christmas Chronicles 2 Trailer

Goldie Hawn appeared in a cameo in the first Christmas Chronicles film in 2018

The Christmas Chronicles 2
Photo: Netflix

Though Halloween is still more than a month away, Netflix is ready to jump to the holiday season.

In a trailer released Tuesday, longtime couple Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn take on the jolly roles of Santa and Mrs. Claus for the streaming service’s upcoming Christmas Chronicles sequel.

Hawn, 74, made a cameo in 2018’s Christmas Chronicles, but this time she will be taking center stage, as evidenced by the trailer for the new film, out November 25.

“It's time for Mrs. Claus to get her due,” Netflix captioned the clip, which shows Russell, 69, and Hawn taking children around Santa’s Village.

“Mrs. Claus designed everything,” Russell says.

“Well if she designed this place, I think it should be called Mrs. Claus’ Village,” one of the children suggests, to which Russell replies, “Well, I never thought of that.”

“Of course he didn’t,” Hawn says cheekily.

The Christmas Chronicles 2 will not be the first time Hawn and Russell, who have been together for 37 years, have acted together, having co-starred in the hit 1987 romantic-comedy, Overboard.

The Christmas ChroniclesKurt Russell, Goldie HawnCR: Michael Gibson/Netflix
The Christmas Chronicles (2018). Michael Gibson/Netflix

While working on the upcoming Christmas movie, director Chris Columbus (Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Mrs. Doubtfire, Home Alone) said two stars brought “a lot of laughter” to the set.

“There’s a tremendous amount of respect there and a tremendous amount of love and trust, partially because they’ve been together for so long,” he told PEOPLE last year. “They just get along beautifully.”

He continued, “There’s a lot of laughter and it’s just a really, really fun set.”

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