Kristine Miller is best known for her roles in many film noir and Western classics, such as I Walk Alone and Too Late for Tears

By Nicole Sands
Updated February 04, 2016 04:40 PM
Credit: Film Favorites/Getty

Kristine Miller, a Hollywood actress who became popular for a string of films in the 1940s, has died at the age of 90.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, a family spokesperson confirmed Miller died in a Monterey, California, hospital but did not disclose the exact date. An obituary from the Monterey Herald states she died in late 2015.

Miller is best known for her role in many noir classics, including Hal Wallis’ 1948 I Walk Alone, in which she starred as Kirk Douglas’ girlfriend and appeared opposite Lizabeth Scott and Burt Lancaster, and, again, starred with Scott in Too Late for Tears in 1949.

In 1955, Stories of the Century – a small-screen series in which she played Margaret “Jonsey” Jones – went on to become the first Western television series to win an Emmy Award.

Miller met her husband, entrepreneur and television pioneer William Schuyler, during World War II, and the pair later married in 1953. Miller and Schuyler, who died in 2013, had one daughter, Linda Elizabeth.