"We just have to hold out for the cure," Kristen Stewart's character says in this exclusive clip

Sometimes denying your emotions can be worse than heartbreak itself.

In this exclusive clip from the upcoming film Equals courtesy of DirecTV and A24, Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult are seen struggling to suppress their romantic feelings for each other in a world where emotions are strictly forbidden.

“We can’t do this again,” Stewart, 26, tells Hoult as they sit across from each other. “It can’t happen, you know that.”

The film, which is set in a futuristic world devoid of feelings, Stewart and Hoult play two young lovers who are, in fact, able to feel. The “syndrome” and the resulting intimacy is outlawed, so they must escape their community rather than be persecuted.

“We just have to hold out for the cure,” she tries to reassure Hoult.

But their connection proves to be too strong to resist as they slowly inch closer together until they finally kiss.

“Are you okay?” Hoult, 26, asks Stewart after she pushes him away.

“I have to go,” she says before running out.

Equals will be available exclusively on DirecTV May 26, and hits theaters July 15.