“They were excited and then it occurred to me that I was in breach of my contract," the actress explained

By Maria Pasquini
November 15, 2019 04:35 PM

Kristen Bell had to go to extreme measures to make sure her kids didn’t spoil Frozen 2!

In a Sirius XM interview on Wednesday with costar Idina Menzel, Bell, who voices Anna in the Disney animated film, revealed that she decided to tell daughters Lincoln, 6, and Delta Bell, 4, spoilers for the film before realizing she was in breach of contract.

“I told my kids everything. I was in the mood to be a cool mom,” the actress, 39, recalled.

“They were excited and then it occurred to me that I was in breach of my contract and I’m thankful now that it’s out that I can no longer get sued by Disney, because I said to them it’s very important that you not tell anyone at school,” she added.

In order to try and help incentivize her kids to keep the plot of Frozen 2 a secret, Bell added that she warned them “all of your teeth are gonna fall out” if they spilled the beans.

“That’s really good parenting,” Menzel, who voices Anna’ sister Elsa, quipped.

Kristen Bell
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Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell
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Fortunately, her daughters didn’t seem to take the threat seriously.

“They kind of brushed it off,” Bell explained. “I think they were like, ‘Yeah, right.’ And then they saw the smile on my face and I was like, ‘no they are, they’re all going to fall out.’ ”

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In early October, Bell spoke with PEOPLE about how “excited” her two daughters are to see the new movie.

“They also already know the whole plot line and all the songs, and I have yet to make them sign an NDA, so I could be screwed because they’re pretty chatty,” she said, adding that she’s known the songs in the sequel for years now.

Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell
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“I’ve been singing them the songs for a couple years now because we’ve been working on it for two and a half years,” she said.

“They are very excited even though they know everything that happens,” the Veronica Mars star added. “They were not as into Frozen one, they were only into Elsa and Anna because their friends were, but I think they’re going to be into Frozen 2.”

Frozen 2 opens in theaters Nov. 22.