"Humans want nothing more than to be accepted, and I'm no different," she told Redbook

By Mike Miller
September 13, 2017 08:36 PM
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty

Kristen Bell has gained some serious wisdom in her time as a wife, mom and in-demand actress.

The Good Place star, 37, dropped some of that knowledge during an interview with Redbook, covering everything from the pressure to be “perfect,” dealing with jerks and raising her two girls, Lincoln, 4, and Delta, 2, with husband Dax Shepard, 42.

“Humans want nothing more than to be accepted, and I’m no different. That doesn’t happen by presenting perfection,” she explains.

“I believe in showing your dirty hands and your bumps and bruises and your faults, because that’s what makes people feel connected,” she adds. “Isn’t that kind of the purpose of, you know, being on Earth?”

Bell has no problem getting her hands dirty. The actress’s current business schedule includes filming the sequel to Bad Moms in Atlanta, shooting the second season of NBC’s The Good Place and reprising the role of Anna in the Frozen sequel.

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Not to mention taking time to entertain and help victims of Hurricane Irma when the storm had her stuck in Orlando, Florida.

Yet the actress takes exception to being asked how she manages to do it all. “Being asked ‘How do you do it?’ implies that a) I am doing it, which I am not — I am doing what everybody else is doing, which is trying their best, and b) What is a balance, anyway? A balance teeter-totters. It moves, something gives and other things take, and other days it might be the opposite,” she says.

Having that mindset has also helped her to avoid the trappings of negativity. “I have gotten to a happy place the last five years or so where I have so much sympathy toward people who are unhappy or jerky,” she says. “Like, ‘Oh, man, we have one ride here — that’s how you are going to spend it? What a bummer.'”

If she ever needs her spirits lifted, Bell says she loves spending time with her kids. “I love having girls,” she says. “The truest thing in life is that girls rule, boys drool.”