'Kingsman' 's Taron Egerton Reveals He Bought His Mom a House to Thank Her for Supporting Him Through Drama School

The Welsh actor surprised his mom with a major aww-some purchase

Taron Egerton says he wouldn’t be the successful, rising star he is today were it not for his family’s unyielding support.

The Kingsman: The Golden Circle star recently revealed to PEOPLE that his family have always been hugely supportive of his chosen career — they even took up a collection to help pay for his audition to drama school.

“I’m not from an affluent background in any way, so there was never that [directive from my family] to, ‘Go and be a lawyer because you’ll make more money,’ ” he said. “There was never any expectation I would make money so it was [encouragement] to go and do what makes you happy and I think they felt I was good at it, and that was lovely to have that support.”

The Welsh actor said they’re a big reason he went to drama school — London’s prestigious Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA).

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“My mother especially, they were all very excited about it. My auntie, my father, my mother, my stepfather, it’s about 40-50 pounds [to audition], probably $90 or something like that, and they each gave me the money to go and audition,” he recalled. “And they each helped me get accommodation down there when I wasn’t able, I stayed with friends and things, it was a real family effort to pay for me to audition for drama school. … when I got this place at RADA, and I was very lucky – I [auditioned] at a couple other places, but it felt like something that we’d achieved and it’s still, the success I’ve had still very much feels like my family’s success.”

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Has Egerton been able to return the favor for his family’s early monetary support?

“I bought my mother a house last year, I’m very proud to say,” he said with a smile.

And how long did it take her to stop crying after he gave her that news?

“I think she’s still going!” Egerton said with a laugh.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle is now in theaters.

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