Kim Cattrall Knows Why Fans Want More 'Sex and the City' Movies: People Love 'Strong Characters'

Cattrall played Samantha Jones in six seasons of the HBO show and two movies

Fans love strong characters, and Kim Cattrall‘s Samantha surely fits the bill.

The former Sex and the City actress appeared at Fox’s TCA day on Wednesday where she told ET why she thinks fans connected so strongly to the four main characters over six seasons of the hit HBO show and two spinoff films. Cattrall was on hand to promote her new show Filthy Rich with the network.

“What I think people love about shows like Sex in the City and Filthy Rich is strong characters,” Cattrall, 62, said. “You know, real strong characters. And this is a new chapter, this is another strong character. So I’m really enjoying that.”

Cattrall later told reporters that she hoped Samantha “would have to” get along with her Filthy Rich character Margaret Monreaux, the matriarch of an ultra-rich and very religious Christian family.

“They have a couple things in common, they do what they need to do, no matter what anybody thinks, there’s a real strength there. And I want to continue to play very strong women who have something to say,” Cattrall said.

SeriesFest: Season Two - Panel With Krista Smith And Kim Cattrall
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While Cattrall might be best known for her portrayal of the sex-positive publicist on Sex and the City, the actress has made it clear that she wouldn’t be returning for a third movie.

Last October, Sarah Jessica Parker announced that plans for a third Sex and the City film were officially dashed. Cattrall explained her reasonings for not wanting to do another movie in a moment captured by the popular Instagram account “Every Outfit on Sex & the City.”

Responding to an Instagram user who asked her to find a way to make a third movie, Cattrall, 61, replied, “I can’t. My heart isn’t in it anymore.”

“I’ve moved on,” she continued. “61 isn’t 53 or 41. I have learned so much from our Sam. She was my hero but I want to rest & not work as much as I have been doing for years. I want a less hectic life. My decision reflects where I am in my life & I can’t change that without being unhappy. I hope you’ll understand. Kim”

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