Kevin Smith Is Granting His Mom's Big Wish and Taking Her to Paris After Hospital Stay

Kevin Smith is granting one of his mom's biggest wishes after her recent hospital stay and taking her on a dream vacation to Paris, France.

Photo: Kevin Smith/Instagram

How do you say “mama’s boy” in French?

Kevin Smith is granting one of his mom’s biggest wishes following her recent hospital stay and taking her on a dream vacation to Paris, France.

In a sweet Twitter post on Thursday, the director wrote, “When my Mom was in the hospital, she told me ‘I’m not ready yet; I’ve always wanted to see Notre-Dame.’ So in 2 weeks, Mom & me go to Paris!”

The caption was included along with a picture of Smith and his mom Grace while she was in the hospital.

He elaborated on the plans on Instagram, explaining, “You have to understand, my Mom had NEVER expressed having anything even close to a bucket list before that. Hearing her long to see the famous church was a bittersweet revelation to me.

“I promised her ‘As soon as you’re cleared by your Doctors to travel to Europe, we’re going to France, Ma!’ So in 2 weeks, Mom and me and my brother Don and my sister Virginia will do something we’ve not done together since 1982: we’re taking a family trip!”

Smith added, “All of us, differences or similarities aside, are nowhere without our Moms. I know I wouldn’t even be here without mine. So here’s how I say ‘Merci beaucoup!’ to Mom for a lifetime of love and adventure!”

He also thanked London Film and Comic Con for flying him out for a show on July 29 and July 30, where he announced his mom “will be a special guest.”

The Clerks director spoke about his mom’s health problems last summer on Facebook, writing, “Visiting my Mom in a Florida hospital after we very nearly lost her.”

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He went on to explain that his mom, 70 at the time, had been battling a “hiatal hernia for almost a year or more.” Doctors were hesitant to operate due to her age, but when complications came to a head, she was told she would die without the procedure. “Doc said if she had come to the hospital an hour later, we would’ve lost her,” he wrote.

Smith spent Father’s Day with Grace in Orlando, Florida, where the two “spent the day hopping parks with my brother Don,” daughter Harley Quinn, 18, and wife Jen Schwalbach. Smith added that the highlight of the day was taking his mom on the Banshee ride in the Pandora section of the park, based of the film Avatar.

“When we made the link and jumped on the back of a Banshee to soar high over Pandora, I heard Mom utter ‘Wow…’ in total awe,” he wrote. “My parents took me to #disneyworld for the first time in 1977. Forty years later, my Mom’s still taking my fat ass to the Happiest Place on Earth! Love you, Mom!”

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