Kevin Smith Celebrates Surviving Massive Heart Attack with a Family Trip to Disneyland

Kevin Smith is treating his heart — and his soul — to some much-needed fun and family time at the Happiest Place on Earth

Kevin Smith is treating his heart — and his soul — to some much-needed fun and family time at the Happiest Place on Earth.

The actor and writer, 47, shared a sweet photo of himself with his wife, Jennifer Schwalbach Smith, and their daughter, Harley Quinn, smiling at the camera while posing in front of Sleeping Beauty’s castle at Disneyland in Anaheim, California.

Smith explained that his family hadn’t taken a vacation in years, but that this one was special as they celebrated his life after he survived a massive “widowmaker” attack in February.

“You just survived a heart attack! What do you wanna do next? “I’m going to @disneyland!” Yesterday we took a family trip together for the first time in years to the happiest place on Earth, to celebrate my still being alive (and to do research)!” he wrote in the caption.

“We spent 7 hours going on every ride in the park except Splash Mountain and Dumbo (both closed for repairs), the Tea Cups, and the Indiana Jones adventure,” he continued. “When we first moved to California in 2002, Jen and I would bring a young @harleyquinnsmith to @disney at least once a month. So yesterday’s trip to the #magickingdom was not only good for the heart, it was good for the soul! #KevinSmith #disney #harleyquinnsmith#disneyland #jennierschwalbach #magickingdom.”

Harley Quinn, 18, shared a selfie with her parents on Tuesday, writing, “trying to force my family to love Disney as much as I do ~ an ongoing saga.”

Smith revealed in his first Hollywood Babble-On podcast that he was on a plant-based diet last week, something he said his 18-year-old daughter was “thrilled” about.

“In nine days, I’ve lost 17 lbs,” Smith said, adding that he’s been following illusionist Penn Jillette’s mono diet from his book, Presto!: How I Made Over 100 Pounds Disappear which recommends eating only potatoes for the first two weeks before introducing salads and vegetables (no fruits or nuts) for the next three months.

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“It’s a pretty intense program, but it’s been interesting. And of course necessary for my health and stuff. But once I get to a decent place, then I can think about eating again,” Smith shared.

“I’ll never eat the way I used to. The way I used to eat wasn’t f—ing horrible. It was in my childhood that’s what my doctor said,” said the father of one, who previously lost 85 lbs. in 2010.

Albert L. Ortega/Getty

“No more animal-related products. My kid is thrilled because she’s a vegan, ‘She’s like, ‘Welcome home brother,’ ” Smith said of his 18-year-old daughter Harley Quinn. “This doesn’t come from a personal philosophy, this comes from an ‘I have to.’ I don’t know if I call myself a vegan, maybe a non-animal eater. The program is so far manageable.”

As he continued to see results of his weight loss, he also gave fans an update on his post-op condition.

“I feel fantastic! I have more energy than I’ve had in f—ing years. Everything working f—ing better, it’s not working great, look at me, but everything better,” Smith shared.

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