Kevin Smith Ran into Daughter Harley Quinn at 'the Weed Store': 'Someone Raised That Kid Right'

"It was a surprise but also not a surprise at all," Harley Quinn wrote of the surprise run-in with her father

Kevin Smith; Harley Quinn Smith
Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Like father, like daughter!

On Thursday, Kevin Smith posted a photo with his daughter, Harley Quinn Smith, on Instagram, where he said that the pair bumped into each other while at a local "weed store."

"When you're at the weed store and you run into your kid," Kevin, 51, began the caption of his post. "Since @harleyquinnsmith got her own house, there have been moments when I ran into the kid by chance out in public."

"And tonight, after I ran into my only begotten daughter at the weed store, I was like 'Someone raised that kid right,' " the Clerks director — who shares Harley Quinn with wife Jennifer Schwalbach Smith — added.

In the comments section, Harley Quinn, 22, wrote, "It was a surprise but also not a surprise at all."

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Back in June, the father-daughter duo chatted with E! News about their family dynamic and how they're co-writing a series together.

"It's such a cool gift to be able to work with somebody you're related to," Harley Quinn told the outlet. "We have pretty similar minds, so it's kind of like you're shooting with another version of yourself. It's so much fun and we're working on another thing together now which has been, in my opinion, the most fun yet, and I can't wait for us to be able to share with the world what that is."

"We've been writing together which is so much fun because that's make pretend, right? Like I used to make pretend with her when she was a kid," Kevin echoed "Now she's an adult and you rarely get to do that. But in this way we can, because it's the same thing, you sit around going, 'What if they did this, what if this happened, what if this happened?' So you get to play again, which is a rare gift for a parent now."

"I thought those days were long behind me," he continued. "You know she's acted with me, but writing with her it's been this whole incredible different experience than that I've absolutely adored because it is like getting to play all over again."

Added Harley Quinn: "It's crazy because he'll say something and I'll finish a sentence and then he'll be like, 'Yes! Or I'll say something that he's thinking and he'll be like, 'High-five!' And that's it, we're just good creative partners because we have the same brain."

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