The Secret Life of Pets is in theaters July 8
Credit: Courtesy Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart may love to cuddle with his dogs, but he now draws the line when it comes to personal space.

The Secret Life of Pets star, 36, told PEOPLE he used to be “butt-ass naked” around them all the time, until the inevitable started happening.

“I had to stop ’cause the dogs will sniff your butt – that’s the first thing they go for,” Hart says. “I think the best thing that really makes me laugh is your dog sees you with flaws and without. They see you at your best and your worst moments.”

Hart, who is a proud owner of not one, but two Doberman Pinschers – a miniature one and regular-sized – says he spoils them every time he’s home.

“Every time I walk in the house I give them a doggy treat,” he says. “And as I’m walking out – I leave the house and I’m gonna be gone for a long time – ‘Do y’all want a bone before I go?’ Give them a dog bone, something to chew on while I’m out.”

While Hart may love to treat his dogs, he’s not lying to himself about the mess they’d make at his upcoming wedding to fiancée Eniko Parrish in August, and admits having his beloved dogs as part of the wedding would be a disaster.

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“If Roxy wasn’t so bad around people, yeah, it’d be easier – Roxy might bite somebody out there,” Hart jokes about his purebred Doberman, who at 1 ½ is the younger of his two dogs. “She’d probably tear up my lady’s dress, it’s way too much.”

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Although his other dog, Riggs, 6, “would sit down and listen,” Roxy would “get too excited” around all the wedding guests.

He does still plan to make them part of the special day, though.

“We’ll incorporate them in the pictures but the actual wedding, no,” the comedian says. “My lady is very very happy with where we are and I’m happy, too. It’s gonna be an amazing night, I can’t wait.”

The Secret Life of Pets is in theaters July 8.