July 20, 2018 03:08 PM

Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish are having a hilarious game of cat and mouse—one we all wish we could be a part of.

On Thursday, the Girls Trip actress, 38, ambushed her comedian and Night School costar and dropped the few hundred dollar bills on him during a video interview. “I’m making it rain,” she said before walking away. Hart has consistently refused to take back the $300 Haddish reportedly owed him from her time as a struggling, homeless standup comic, and Haddish thought she had finally gotten the upper hand.

But Hart, 39, who posted the incident on his Instagram account, retaliated by letting a confident and vindicated Haddish know he’d sneakily put the money back into one of her wig caps through his caption.

“I’m dead serious. Check your wig cap @tiffanyhaddish,” the Jumanji 2 star wrote, lovingly adding that he’d continue to rebuff the close pal’s payment attempts. “I love u and I will never take from you. You being my Co-Star in my movie ‘Night School’ was more than enough. Love u with ur funky a–!!!!” 

Haddish, in turn, posted a video of her re-discovering the bills exactly where the actor said he’d hidden them. “Are you serious Kevin?” the frustrated Haddish tells the camera, “Am I going to have to fight you to give you this money back?”

The star thanked her friend, although assuring him the battle was not over. “I am paying you back!” She wrote in her caption. “I pay all my loans off. That is something you and my Grandma taught me, ‘never owe nobody money.’

Haddish, who was recently nominated for an Emmy for her performance on Saturday Night live, was confronted by Hart a decade ago about her living situation as the two were performed together in the sketch show Comedy Playground.

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After noticing Haddish’s car was filled with her belongings, the actor lent her $300 to get a motel room and insisted she make a list of her short and long-term goals.

“He had like this long discussion with me, you know?” Haddish told Vanity Fair. “Basically like, ‘You’re a beautiful woman. You could stay with any man. Why don’t you just stay with a man, like?’ And I was also like, ‘I’m not sleeping with nobody for a roof over my head. I’m just not that type of person.’ And Kevin was like, ‘Oh, that’s real commendable, look at your homeless a–.’ ”

Tiffany Haddish and Kevin Hart
Milla Cochran/startraks

One day after finding a room at a place called the Snooty Fox, which Haddish called “the ho stroll,” she moved into a new apartment. Since then, the duo have solidified a relationship rooted in loyalty and mentorship, with Haddish considering the actor, who got her a job on the Real Husbands of Hollywood, her “comedy guardian angel.”

Hart, who joked on Jimmy Kimmel Live! in June about waiting for his loan repayment, opened up to the host about his strong support for the comedian from the very start. “Told her she was funny. Told her she was going to be a star. And without keeping in communication, we’ve come full circle and I end up casting Tiffany Haddish to star alongside me.”

The duo will co-star in the adult mis-fit comedy Night School, coming out September 28.

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