Kevin Hart Is Taking Over HQ Trivia to Give One Lucky Winner $100K: 'Study Up, People!'

The Night School star is the first guest host of HQ Trivia's Winner-Takes-All format

"Night School" Miami Press Tour With Kevin Hart, Fat Joe And Al Madrigal
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Attention all bar trivia masters, random fact knowers and devout HQuties: Kevin Hart wants to give you $100,000. But you have to earn it.

The Night School star is taking over the live trivia game show on your phone, HQ Trivia, to award only one winner a cash prize of $100,000.

Hart, 39, will be joining HQ Trivia host Scott Rogowsky, 33, on Wednesday’s show — and he’s jazzed to hand off some cold hard cash.

“$100,000 is no joke: study up, people! Go back to night school, high school, pre-school, beauty school — you never know what types of questions Scott and I are going to throw your way,” he tells PEOPLE.

“You heard it here first: Kevin Hart and I will be handing out $100,000 to one smarty HQtie, live on Wednesday night at 9:00 p.m. ET,” Rogowsky says to PEOPLE. “I’m fully expecting the winner to take me out for a steak dinner. I’d also appreciate $20 for a cab home.”

Hart is the first guest host to appear on the Winner-Takes-All format of the popular mobile game show.

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“Back at school? Kevin Hart is giving away enough money to pay your tuition and then some,” the show teases in a statement sure to excite students.

Unlike HQ’s usual format, which divides the game’s cash prize between all the contestants left standing after 12 questions, Winner-Takes-All means Hart and Rogowsky will keep asking questions until only one trivia champion remains. This sole winner will go home with the entire $100,000.

Players will still be able to use an extra life during Hart’s game, but extra lives will no longer be accepted if/when the game reaches question 15.

So study up and start thinking about how you would spend $100,000, because you have until Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET to prepare for your chance to win.

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